The 80’s are BACK!




They say in fashion, that everything old will one day be new again. This statement has never been so true than it is now. Remember that era when Madonna was all the lace/velvet rage and style icons like Prince could rock shiny silver ensembles and still look masculine? Well, it’s bacccckkk! Textures and bold patterns have now returned to what I like to call the 80’s mash up. Here are a few tips to keep you in the loop this season, and maybe even have you digging out those jeans you once rocked once upon a time.


Corset Belts

The one thing that has changed since the 80’s is the need to show off our curves, that’s where the now famous corset belt comes in. Tiny waists have always been in fashion, and now with the super-baggy clothing style our need to show them off is simplified with the use of a big belt over top of a loose tee. Voila! Instant trend transformation! A plethora of corsets and corset belts have been popping up everywhere in the fashion world and we are starting to see them pop up in stores too, personally loving this trend!

Pair this BCBG Maxaziria belt with just about any outfit for a polished look that will have you rocking the loose 80’s tees!

Metallic Everything

These Laminated Pimsolls from Zara are a great start to pulling off that now trending look of metallic. Add a touch (or even a lot) of metallic is such a huge hit in fashion for the Fall/Winter months. If it is shiny, pair it with simple jean fabrics or pull out those acid wash jeans and rock that shine! Not just for decorating the Christmas tree- now you can wear the tinsel and wear it well 😉


Nothing like decorating one of the sexiest of body-parts with ofcourse textures, lace and fabric – check out this Velvet Heart Choker from Forever 21 – it will have you reliving your childhood. In my opinion, anything that draws attention to the neck will have you rockin that style this season, whether it be skinny scarf or a plain shoelace. This trend is huge!


When it comes to the selection of Jeans, you must think outside of the standard Jean box and think bigger, more intricate or even shorter – flares, crops and even acid wash (yes that’s right) is all back and trendy. So, bleach those jeans, rock that mom denim and don’t forget to pull them up high for this look. Check out these adorable crops from Gap Canada.


In this category, anything goes! From solid bold colors, to the wackiest pattern you have ever seen, to checkered lumberjacks any combination is possible. Have fun and layer, remember there is no wrong way of wearing mis-matched patterns this season. See how this scarf from Old Navy incorporates that vintage feel with a mixture of patterns? That’s exactly it!

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