An Online Affair




Something about shopping that makes a woman feel better when she’s down, prettier when she needs it and happier when she just wants to forget about it. Something about the smell of new clothes, the crispness of new linens and the idea of having more…
Something that makes me feel all tingly inside.
What’s better?
Online shopping! Endless hours browsing through catalogs for that perfect shirt or those coveted boots, that chaise for the family room or latest piece of tech….hours!! Fill the cart, budget the price and cha-Ching! Just like that it’s yours! The best part is that all you have to do is wait patiently for it all to arrive.
No waiting in lines for check out, no snotty customer complaints, no embarrassing try-ons. Just he comfort of home and a whole lot of new things. Have you ever heard of anything better?
I’ve been sucked in and I admit it, all this ease of use and practicality in our restless lives just seems to make things a whole lot simpler – some may say the reason for a lazy society, but I refuse to see that. If you are thinking of having an online shopping affair, I say go for it, don’t ever look back and don’t ever wait in line again.
This is the beginning of an ever lasting shopping affair…just remember to clear the house of husbands and kids when it all arrives 😉

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