Sorry Ladies, Leggings are NOT pants! Here’s Why…

With the rise of comfortable clothing and leisure wear happening on runways, in clothing stores and at the mall it is no wonder people are starting to give in and get lazy with fashion, per say. I know you, the mom struggling to keep it all together and throwing on just about anything that is clean just to get out the door to bring your kids to school, or the student who just pulled an all righter at school just to make that deadline, or even the stay at home woman who’s job resides indoors in front of a computer all day…I know you, because I am you.

Yes, leggings are comfortable and in some cases (some) they can be worn outdoors and be pulled off pretty respectably as an actual article of clothing, BUT the bottom line is that leggings just AREN’T pants.

Leggings are intended for comfort while doing sports or engaging in the dance arts in my opinion. They should be left at the gym where they can be used entirely to make someone’s every piece of cellulite show, because those people don’t actually have much of that anyhow. They can be worn to and from these events with a fashionable pea coat or large sweater that covers at least the whole bum area in its entirety. Leggings can also be worn for jogging, walking the dog and even on runs to and from the school – with the exception the bum is fully covered.

This is NOT the way to wear tights outdoors. (
This looks much better, doesn’t it? (

















Why do I say that these are the only instances? Well ladies, they just aren’t PANTS! Pants are tight fitted in some cases, BUT they DO provide a thicker barrier between your assets and the real world. They will not show your thong color, they will not show your curdles and they will let you wear a shirt above the bum area, maybe even tucked in. You see, pants to me, show a little more of a respectable pulled together vision when it comes to getting out into the world.

Yes, this is my opinion and the general consensus of most women from France (there are stats), which to me says it all. After all, didn’t fashion evolve from France itself?


What do YOU think? Should tights be considered pants? Weigh in and possibly change my mind below.

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