5 Tween Tech Travel Must Haves

Every year just after the holidays we take off to somewhere warm down South, and this year was no different. After all of the Christmas chaos we jetted off to Curacao on New Years day – talk about a kick off to the new year right? White sand, crystal blue waters and sun-shiny smiles all around! That’s what I call a perfect getaway.

When my husband and I decided to start a family we made a point that we wanted to travel with the children at least once a year overseas and so far (with the exception of 1 year) we have stuck to the plan. The truth is though, it isn’t easy traveling with little ones, let alone boys who are soon to be ‘tweens.’ They are no longer fascinated by all of the natural beauty as easily as they once were, and after a day or two of swimming and beach lounging they long for their beloved technology. Luckily, this year were outfitted this year by Telus and Skyroam to make travel with the kiddos feel a little more like home away from home. Happy kids = happy parents!

The first thing on a tech enabled travel list always comes down to staying connected while away, and since our hotel did not have free Wifi (hun? yes this is true) we were lucky enough to have a Skyroam Hotspot for the kids to play online games, post to Instagram and even do some snap-chatting while sitting on the beach – cool right?

For the parents, Telus’ Easy Roam made it easier for us to stay in contact with our families, make important business calls and send photos via text, a simple way to stay connected and not get charged an arm and a leg for roaming fees. The reality is, even though we try to ‘unplug’ life is still happening and our lives are now connected to people all over the world.

Overall, the following tech pieces have made tween travel so much easier! Take a look:

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A little more about my favorite Tech Travel Essentials:

What is Skyroam Hotspot?

Skyroam’s pocket-sized global WiFi hotspot is the easiest way to get fast, secure mobile internet in 100+ countries. Never worry again about hidden charges or the complication of configuring devices.

Buy or rent a hotspot based on your travel plans. Get 24-hours of unlimited internet at one low daily rate worldwide for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. We used this with NO problems on our entire trip, even in the bus rides from the hotel to the airport – never any outages or problems at all.

Easy Roam While On The Go With Telus!

Who doesn’t love jetting off to explore a new country? While strolling foreign streets, tasting local dishes and admiring new views, the urge to share these moments with our friends and family back home can be overwhelming. When Canadians travel to more than 100 international destinations, they’ll be able to share their adventures and rest easy with the help of Easy Roam from TELUS.

Canadian travelers visiting our American neighbors already have access to Easy Roam for just $7 a day. Now, TELUS customers jetting off to Turks and Caicos, England or China, can tap into Easy Roam when travelling to 127 destinations around the world. Once the feature is added to their account, Easy Roam enables TELUS postpaid customers on almost all Canadian rate plans to access the minutes, text messages and data included in their existing rate plan for just $10 a day while roaming abroad. And to top it off, adding Easy Roam is easy; all customers have to do is text TRAVEL to 7626 from their device or log into My Account online or on their smartphone to view roaming options.

We recognize that unexpected fees and confusing bills are a headache and are happy to provide our customers with expanded Easy Roam service that enables them to stay connected overseas while keeping their wireless bill in check. Easy Roam from TELUS will go a long way to alleviating that pain point and give our customers more flexibility to stay connected while travelling.

For more information on Easy Roam visit telus.com/travel.

Mophie Powerstation Mini

Charging your device is easy with this super slim and handy gadget! The Mophie Powerstation makes 12 extra hours on your smartphone easy with a simple connector cable. Not to mention it also charges a tablet for up to 5 hours too! This was especially handy when delayed at the airport without battery backup.

Instax Mini 8 Camera

Snap and save! This tiny camera is perfect for travel because it instantly lets you print out your photos on the go! My kids especially loved scrabooking their adventures while we traveled and I highly recommend this as a selling feature when it comes to independence. So easy to use and super-cool to sport! We love the Instax Mini 8!

Ultimate Ears Roll 2 Bluetooth Speakers

With 100 ft Bluetooth® wireless range and 9-hour rechargeable battery keep the party going and going. Completely submerge the speaker in water. It will be totally cool and even comes with a floatie to keep the music close – we are still partying it up here in Canada while bathing too! Super-cool Ultimate Ear Roll 2 has the kids loving it!

Thats a wrap! This is my complete comprehensive list for travel with tweens – best part is, they are all super-small and fit into our carry on baggage easily 😉

What are some of your travel must have tech accessories? Can you add to this list?

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