Rediscover Your Holiday Classic Recipies with VAN HOUTTE® and WIN #LilGiftList

Imagine my excitement when I received this HUGE box of baking essentials from Van Houtte – I mean, WOW! Everything needed to make a delicious dessert or recipe for my family with the inclusion of their new Holiday Latte Blend (yum)! Cooking with coffee you ask? I was surprised too, and I now feel like I’ve been missing out on something all these years! Since my package arrived I’ve made these delicious Nanaimo bars – easy and perfect for holiday entertaining, I certainly intend to explore the world of coffee and food too, the stuffed turkey breast looks to die for!

Just take a look at all this STUFF!


Best part is, drinking on the job is permitted – in fact it is encouraged! So go on and brew up your favorite blend and then add it into your favorite holiday classic recipe, have a lil’fun and don’t forget to let your creativity shine while spicing up those classic recipes with a dash of coffee and a lot of flavor!

Ready to share The #VanHoutteHolidays Love?

Great News! Van Houtte is spreading the holiday joy to the members of my online community! They are offering YOU a chance to WIN a ready-to-cook gift pack including a holiday- classic-revisited recipe, Van Houtte holiday merchandise, and a Keurig coffee maker too!!!!! How exciting!!! 

*Open to Residents of Canada Only*

VAN HOUTTE® Holiday Blend and Holiday Spice Latte bring a creative touch to your traditional recipes – a sure – fire way to make memories that last.

  • Van Houtte’s Holiday Blend offers woody, spicy notes and a rich aroma.
  • With a heavenly cinnamon scent, Holiday Spice Latte evokes buttery notes and ends with a subtle hint of vanilla.
  • Great for stocking suffers and surprise gifts for that coffee lover in your life!

Visit, where you’ll find other classic recipes revisited and more info on their delicious coffees.



Rediscover Your Holiday Classic Recipies with Van Houtte and WIN #LilGiftList


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20 Thoughts to “Rediscover Your Holiday Classic Recipies with VAN HOUTTE® and WIN #LilGiftList”

  1. Amy Heffernan

    I like to add a bit of cinnamon in my holiday coffee. 🙂 I have also been known to add a candy cane! YUM!

  2. Elaine G

    I like to add coffee to my shortbread cookie recipe. And then dip it in melted chocolate.

  3. Anne Taylor

    We use coffee in some baking; we love a coffee mousse!

  4. Julie F

    I love the sound of the Mini mocha cheesecakes

  5. Florence Cochrane

    I like to add coffee to my brownies.

  6. angela m

    I love to add coffee to my ginger cookies.

  7. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I have added coffee to brownies one time – turned out not bad 🙂

  8. MaryG

    I make a pretty good cinnamon coffee cake using instant coffee. I also love dipping espresso beans in chocolate 🙂

  9. Joni W

    I like putting coffee in my timbits.

  10. crystal porter

    I like to add coffee to my baking, especially if I’m using chocolate. Also I add some to my smoothies.

  11. Does Coffee and Kahlua count?

    Besos Sarah

  12. I would love to win this VAN HOUTTE Keurig so I can add my coffee in my cup while i’m making my home made candy cane fudge with a hint of coffee in it not to much because the kids love it as well I don’t own a Keurig but would love to have one for myself for Christmas

  13. Judy Cowan

    I have a chocolate cheesecake recipe that I add coffee and Bailey’s too!

  14. I have added coffee to my roast pork gravy before and it was delicious.

  15. Leslie Crosbie

    A Great- Aunt makes a Chocolate Coffee Cake and she says it’s better if using USED Coffee!

  16. Andrea Amy

    I have never added coffee to anything I’ve cooked before, but I am going to try it this christmas season i think

  17. Sarah Jackson

    caramel coffee muffins ! delish !

  18. Krista M

    I haven’t used it often but coffee in cheesecake makes for some great flavor!

  19. Jonnie

    I like to make mocha brownies by adding a bit of coffee to the recipe.

  20. nicolthepickle

    I always put coffee in my slow cooker beef roast. It makes the gravy so much richer.

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