To My Younger Self: Get A Grip


It’s very hard to look to the future when you are young- to be able to reflect on the things that you will learn if you have yet to learn them, to engage in situations if you have not experienced them and to look upon yourself with respect and grace if you have yet to meet your true self yet. After watching The Crown on Netflix this month I have realized that even the most powerful of women in history have all grown to reflect on their past and offer advice to whomever will listen – the problem is, when you are young you listen but do not actually follow. The drafted note above, highlights some of the universal truths, challenges and wisdom that transcend place and time, that modern women everywhere can relate to.

We have all heard our mothers, grand parents, teachers and idols offer their two cents but the reality still remains that until you grow and experience yourself first hand – every situation is different.

A very important question remains…what would YOU tell your younger self if you could?

Here’s what I would tell myself…

Start everyday with a smile, be thankful to be alive and breathing and set a mission to start the day. Move forward with your intent, and focus on the good. Always try hard, succeed and even in failure, make sure you learn.


Not every day will be sunshine and roses – and that is ok. Just make sure to take a few seconds for yourself to reflect, reorganize and reorder your life’s events. That boy who just dumped you or that test you failed will all become irrelevant to the larger picture, the plan set out for you at a later time in your life. Breathe and let it go – freedom comes from release of the small things. Always be brave, take risks and make sure to remember what makes you scared, channel that energy and make it fire that will burn large and bright on the risks you will take – never pour water on it and make it pass. You will regret it.


With all of the deep breaths in and the fire you will create, make sure to learn from everyone – speak to everyone you come across, learn their story and make sure to always have compassion for whatever walk of life they may have taken or been given. You will grow, you will want, and you will become a mixture of all of the goodness they have to offer. Yes, you may temporarily be called a freak or have very opposing views given to you, but that is short-lived and you will not be that outcast forever. In fact, you will be regarded as unique and special later on in life. Compassion and individuality always shine through.

Never be scared…

If you scare easily you will give into all of the pressures of life, you will go on asking questions and never settle any of your own. To give into fear is to let life pass you by while living someone else’s uncertainty- sometimes things happen and can be unpredictable and scary but that is the roller-coaster called life. Get on and enjoy the ride.

Through all of this, make your mark and make sure to reflect on your past and look forward to today. Never look too far ahead, nor too far behind. Stay where you are in the moment and take it all in. Never will you ever be here, never will you ever see the people you see, or the places you are in. Never will you ever want the same things as you did today.

Want today and be today.

Growth is inevitable and change is good- get a grip- one day it will all settle and you will see that you’ve flourished immensely but haven’t stopped, but rather pieces of you will live on through the hearts you’ve touched.

P.S Remember to binge watch Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life – you can learn a lot from Loreli’s story!

Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I have received complimentary products from #Netflix – as always all opinions are my own.

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