Mama’s getting inked…again! Tattoos & Parents.

Ready for my secret reveal? I am finally going to share with the world a piece of me…

I am a tattooed mama- though you would never know it- I am.

When I was younger I never thought of the idea of getting a tattoo as much of a choice. In my family, we just didn’t think to even ask or do something so altering to our bodies.

Then my brother-in-law came into the family- tattooed, pierced and a full on tattoo artist too.

Within a few years, we were all curious, including my own mother!! Would you believe it?

So, my first tattoo was with my mother, and my younger sister- an identical tattoo we all now share on the backside of our necks. The second tattoo I got was on my 5 year wedding anniversary with my husband – wedding bands. These are both pretty small tats with not much emphasis on their outward appearance, in fact, they are pretty hidden.

Which brings me to today…

I have decided to do 2 more much bigger (in my opinion) tattoos on my ribs and hip. Yes, they are addictive, but this isn’t the reason I am going back for more. Seems, that each tattoo represents a piece of me and a reminder of who I am, they are stamps of my journey through life as a person. I am still not daring enough to tattoo obvious parts of my body and I like that they can all be concealed and not displayed – but I really have become a lover of this art form.

To answer the obvious question – yes, I would let my child get a tattoo in the future, as long as it has had much thought put into it and is in a spot whereby a shirt and shorts can cover it. Although, I really do think that society is evolving and one day, my ideal may change. For now, we will stick to washable markers and temporary fun!

What have you inked on yourself, do you have any plans to get more?

Would you support your child if he/she wanted a tattoo?

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