Little Scientists Imaginations Run Wild #StreamTeam

After the LONG and really exciting March Break I have had with the kids, I learned a really important lesson….
Kids NEED stimulation.

I’m not just talking constant environmental changes, but real stimulation. The kind that proposes an answer to the million questions that are going on in their tiny brains. So, what do you do with 2 really inquisitive kids while on a week long venture to drive you insane?Question everything – and learn so much!

I made it my personal venture to find everyday things and make them extraordinary – like this Ivory soap bar below:

Who knew that by placing a bar of soap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes would make this wonderful mold-able doughy substance? Simple things, simple minds with endless possibilities…my kids are on their way to be great explorers and little scientists, and yours can too with these educational shows on Netflix Canada NOW!
Disclosure – I am part of the Netflix Canada #streamteam and receive perks in exchange for my affiliation with them. All opinions expressed are my own

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