Crafting: Cotton Stompers!






Keep your kids entertained with this easy craft activity! Cotton Stompers are easy to make and will provide your children with endless fun and possibilities.

Here’s what you need:
-Cotton Balls (about 35-40)
-1.5 cups flour
-1.5 coups water
-food colouring
-foil paper
-2  baking sheets

1. In 3 separate bowls mix 1/2 cup flour and water in each. Stir to a thick solution. Add food colouring of choice.
2. Dip each cotton ball in desired colors and make sure to cover them with solution.
3. Place coloured cotton balls on foil-lined baking sheet approx 1 inch apart.
4. Bake at 320 degrees for about 25 minutes.
5. Remove from oven, cool and place in a bowl.

Once balls have cooled, let your children choose a ‘stomping’ or ‘hammering’ toy and have fun pounding them and pealing them apart!! This kept my kiddos entertained for 30 minutes!

**After all the fun is over and all the balls have been torn, I always offer my kids a bowl of water for some more mess fun! Let them submerge the balls in the water for some continued sticky fun!

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