Cupcake Valentine DIY!

What better way to show someone you love them than with something warm and fuzzy right?
Well, warm, fuzzy, functional, sweet and cute should do the trick to win just about anyone over ;)Here’s my recipe for these adorable sock cupcakes that almost look good enough to eat!Ingredients:
-1 fuzzy pair of socks (I used white)
-1 large lollipop
-ice cream dish and spoon (in my case I used 4 of each)
-1 freezer bag
-ribbon to tie

Voila! Roll the socks up starting at the toes and place them in the cup, top them off with a yummy lollipop and cute poem and wrap!

So easy, and so adorable! I am giving one of these each to my son’s teachers this year instead of a card.

Poem reads:
This cupcake is not to eat
It was baked with love to warm your feet!

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