Kids: Too Old to See Me Naked? Heck NO!






A couple of days ago I came across a post in a mommy group that has been on my mind ever since, it was a simple question about what age little boys should stop ‘seeing’ their mothers naked. Got me thinking, not because the question was relevant- because to me it really isn’t, but because I cannot believe that in this day and age we are actually harping on issues like this. Let me start off by saying that everyone has the right to their own opinion, and if your family is not ok with allowing your children to see you naked then that is just fine. What works for one family may not work for another.

In my family however, we do not think of the fact that our children (aged 9 & 7) walk in the room when my husband and I are dressing or if they see us on the toilet peeing. It is not an issue that we have ever made them aware of. We do not stress the fact we’ve even seen each other naked and it has never been an issue thus far. In fact, I really do think that the opposite is true – when children become aware of something that was once ordinary, only then will they rebel against it. I am compelled to understand that I am raising boys that are both aware of the flawed body in all of their various forms as well as boys who will one day appreciate seeing a woman naked in all of her flawed beauty – cellulite and all. Am I tainting their brains with visions of their mother’s body parts? I’d like to think I am painting a picture of how beautiful we are as individuals in our own skin.

I beg to differ at the fact that exposure will make them become little devious monsters who will go around telling other people stories of how they saw their mother naked. Instead I am hoping that their respect for me as a person will outshine all of those thoughts that are not even going on in their heads anyhow – why? The simple reason that they do not know any different. I mean, we live in an age where people are brought up on nudist colonies, where people are able to express themselves any way they want with the hope that the outside world will not shun them. To me, making an issue out of nothing is simply allowing a child to calculate a reason to rebel.

So what do the stats say? Nothing. While I looked around to see if there is any concrete evidence showing that this could be traumatizing to my children. I found contradictory views and stats for both sides of the fence. This makes me believe that whatever a parent chooses in their home, is in fact what is right for the individual family at large – whether one chooses to walk around naked or not, it’s all relative to the individual situation at hand.

As for my family, we will continue on this way until it becomes uncomfortable or strange to the kiddos – and by that point they will probably attend college and be taking some courses in art whereby they will be exposed to nude drawing classes anyhow.


At what age did you stop letting your children see you naked?

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2 Thoughts to “Kids: Too Old to See Me Naked? Heck NO!”

  1. Kelsi

    Interesting take! I think so much of it has do with with culture and upbringing as well – I’m european/canadian and no one gives a crap over there, lol. 100% because it’s not an over-sexualized taboo thing to be naked, like in North America. It’s a bit different with daughters and fathers, and more space/respect is given.

    1. lilsugar

      Yes! That is right on point – I agree, various cultures and expectations really do have an impact on our upbringing. Thanks for sharing Kelsi <3

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