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Let me introduce you to my latest life saver – Lunapanties  No more running out of pads when aunt flow decides to visit, no more worry that perhaps she’ll come a day earlier than expected and absolutely no more money thrown down the drain!

I know what you are thinking, ewwww I don’t wanna see blood let alone wash bloody underwear! Right? WRONG! Honestly, it isn’t as bad as you may think and Lunapanties makes it easy to avoid even seeing the red stuff. Their liners come in black- a god-send if you hate the sight of blood, don’t you think?

lemme explain…and if you are still not convinced you can go back to wearing your toxic maxi-pads and take pride in filling millions of landfills world wide. Deal?

I have really been trying to introduce my family to a more ‘eco-friendly’ way of life and that meant making the switch to a simpler and less wasteful way of dealing with my monthly periods. So, after some research I came across Lunapanties, the simple revolution that is taking over women’s lives everywhere. This stylish, leakproof, interchangeable system allows you to stay comfortable and dry all day and all night. Lunapanties are great for both daytime and overnight, offering both protection and discretion for the woman on the go. The built-in and removable inserts are put in place to give you a fresh panel every-time and are available in various sizes and with or without wings. The inserts are designed detachable for overnight use as well as during heavy menstrual flow or during postpartum bleeding.


pads pads2

What I love about them:

  • leakproof
  • black inserts disguise blood
  • washable
  • reusable
  • organic
  • hypoallergenic
  • can be worn with or without inserts


Yes, the initial cost of this system may be a little costly at first for some, but when you factor out the cost of pads/tampons they pay for themselves in a couple of months anyhow. They also last a VERY long time if washed and used correctly.  Lunapanties come in sizes XS through 3XL as well as in various types of fits -great for any size woman!

What’s even better?

Lunapads (creator of Lunapanties) participates in the One4Her initiative, a program that aims to improve access to education for girls while supporting local employment for women in Uganda. For every eligible product you purchase at, a student in need will be provided with a Uganda-made AFRIpad to support her education. One for you. One for her.


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