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This powerful little machine has me loving laundry again!  GOODBYE sorting through clothing, SEE YA LATER detergent and softeners, BYE-BYE hot water, and ABSOLUTE savings, and time on my hands! 

Hard to believe right? For the cost of a small household appliance, the pureWash Pro has me wondering where it has been all of my life!

Basically, this little white box is mounted to the wall above your washing machine and connects (within minutes) to oxygenate water – making deturgents secondary to your load, you can add a little if you want or go naked without!  Three important things are the basis of the process, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and an electrical charge (ionization), to make oxidized water. Too technical? Let’s just say that these things make this machine POWERFUL when it comes to cutting stains in the laundry department.


Here’s a chart to help you better understand how it all works:


My family and I have been searching for a more organic way of doing laundry for quite some time now because my oldest child has super-sensitive skin and detergents often make his skin flare, looks like the pureWash Pro is our solution! No more chemicals in our wash and on our skin all day long. Although, I tend to pre-soak really soiled clothing just in case – but I would have done that even before this came into our home. Love that clean laundry smell?? I thought I did too – until I realized that clean shouldn’t smell like anything at all. All those perfumes, and chemicals mask the real fresh and subdued smells, I now know this because even after letting a wet load sit in the washer drum the pureWash Pro measures up – no musky smell, like the the ones I used to smell after doing this with detergent treated clothing. NOTE: I do not do this often – for the purpose of this post I had no choice lol – shhhh.

Hate to sort clothing? Save time!

Mix up your whites and colors in the SAME load – genius right?  Because cold water is used, you never have to worry about clothing bleeding or colors fading into each other. I still sort out of habit, but really isn’t necessary. WHAT?? Amazing right? I ahve also gotten into the habit of using dryerballs so overall laundry is basically a throw in a load and then dry cycle around here – no more sorting, measuring liquids or pressing the dryer button to get fluffier clothes.

…leads me to my very favorite point…

COST!! Overall, with the pureWash Pro savings are everywhere! Since the life expectancy of the Pure Wash is 10 years, detergent expenses are cut, no costs to heat water makes your water bill A LOT cheaper as well.

I also really love that the unit can be installed easily and is able to detach should you move from your existing home. I am amazed that this tiny thing can produce such amazing results! Now if only the creators of pureWash Pro could come and fold my laundry for me, that would make it PERFECT! Wanna see what all the hype is about for yourself? Enter the contest below for your chance to WIN one!




pureWash Pro

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  1. Janet Cleary

    I found this [purewashpro] very interesting and would love to have the opportunity to try it out

  2. The PureWash sounds miraculous.I love clean with the
    assurance that there is no mold! Wow!! This is awesome
    and would love to win this to save me money as I wouldn’t
    have to buy detergents anymore!! Sweet giveaway.Love it!!
    All my fingers are crossed tight.

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