Kicking Off Spring With Healthy Glowing Skin With Caryl Baker

Papaya – A vitamin-rich “Super Food” packed with anti-aging properties and renowned for its health benefits. Our new and improved Papaya Perfecting Skin Care Line delivers ultimate results in skin renewal and resilience. During the harsh winter season, treat yourself to skin that is hydrated, revived and protected. Don’t just clean your skin – perfect it!

Let me start off by saying that it is extremely hard to find products that are paraben-free and healthy for yous skin…well at least super-cool products that look and feel amazing too. Getting older means I also need sunscreen to protect my skin against sun damage and premature aging and Caryl Bakers line of Papaya Perfecting products have all of that PLUS they smell and feel amazing too. Fruit extracts boost cell turnover with a hydrating and conditioning formula that smooths and brightens complexion without heavy residue or grease.I have been using the face cream and the eye cream for the past 2 weeks and I haven’t experienced any breakouts or unevenness to my face, I actually really love the smell too – makes me feel like I am on vacation somewhere tropical every morning!

Now, let’s talk about how pretty Caryl Baker Visage‘s limited edition Spring 2016 Bloom Colour Collection is. I am thrilled to have tested and fallen in love with these simply pretty colours made to complement any face this Spring. bloom
The Full of lush hues and rich sheer tones to add a ‘little something’ to an already brightened face. Now that’s the way I like to wear makeup! Simple, smooth textures that don’t feel heavy on my face or clownish when wearing them.

The Powder Eye shadows have an orchid flower extract formula that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and let me tell you, the texture is amazing too. Infused with vitamin E and is also paraben and gluten free – say goodbye to future wrinkles!

My most favorite Caryl Baker product is the lipstick. From the packaging that prevents opening and ruining the inside of your purse, to the tiny diamond detail and the flip out mirror, the lipsticks themselves go on like butter! Shea butter and avocado oil formula infused for kissably soft lips all day long! Also love that the colors are not overpowering -instead they are complimenting. My most favorite way to wear these lipsticks is with a top layer of gloss with a hint sparkle and shine!

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