Simply Beautiful Skin- Straight From Your Kitchen Cupboard!

I have to admit, I am a sucker for expensive cosmetics and face scrubs are one of the many things I have always spent money on and have always been disappointing with. Yesterday, I asked a few ladies on Twitter about what they use for face scrubs and their answers ranged from overly expensive department store brands to simple solutions such as brown sugar.I am so tired of using up the last drop of my expensive name-brand scrub so quickly, I turned to Pinterest to find the answer–couldn’t hurt could it?

I am forever grateful that I did!

With just 3 ingredients, this face scrub is by far the best I have used so far! I have modified it a bit so that it had the right consistency for myself, you can do the same if you’d like.


Here’s the trick:
-add 2 tbs brown sugar into a small jar and pack down with a spoon so that it is tight
-pour 1 tbs olive oil over top and wait for it to settle
-mix and pack once more
-add 2-4 drops vanilla extract and wait to settle
-mix once more and pack again.(i doubled this recipe)The best part is, you can make this anytime with simple ingredients found in your kitchen! Use sparingly or once a week to remove your unwanted dead skin!!You can thank me later😉 Enjoy!

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