Summer Mom Essential- The Mom-o-kini




The words bangin’ bikini just don’t seem to apply much after you have children, unless you are Jessica Alba or Kim Kardashian of course. But keep in mind that there are other options to keep you covered and still make you look and feel sexy. One thing I have struggled personally with is ditching the bikini for a one-piece bathing suit, especially because I feel like that is the transition to being a ‘geezer’ on the beach – I just ain’t ready for that. Enter the monokini, or as I like to call it ‘Mom-o-kini’ (ha! See what I did there? lol) cutouts without compromising on coverage, style or sexiness! This way you will still feel young enough to rock it with the teens, and sexy enough to keep your belly, love handles, boobs, whatever in place. The mom-o-kini gives you extra coverage without going full-out one piece on the beach – best part is, you pick where the cutouts go!

Check out some of my picks for coverage for all your mommy parts:


  1. If you have a fab belly that is flat and fabulous, this suit is for you! With a built in push up bra (thank the heavens) and detailing on the belly to hide stretch marks if you need it – flat doesn’t always mean perfect right?


NORDSTROM: Kenneth Cole New York Push Up $102

2. Simply perfect! This suit is for all the ladies who want to cover the tummy but still show off a lil’skin! I personally love this one because I have a flat tummy with some stretchy skin in the mid-section and fab love handles. Love the detailing on the hips and the halter top style to accent those babies!

Macrame Halter Monokini

Forever21 Macrome Halter Monokini $29.90

3. For the almost ‘mom’ who doesn’t wanna be a mommy on the beach just yet. This suit has full coverage with some peep-through detailing to make it a lot more than your average one piece. Simple, and timeless beauty that leaves a little to the imagination.


Sears Canada SIMON CHANG Women’s One-Piece High Neck $68.99

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