Julia Roberts Could Just Be The Most Beautiful Human Ever!


Turns out the notorious “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts has been named 2017’s most beautiful woman AGAIN by People Magazine. This is the fifth time the actress been noted on the list and accounted for the only actress to make it on there that many times. That’s one GORGEOUS woman if you ask me!

Seemingly though, people are not happy – many individuals have taken to social media in a backlash against the 49 year old actress with reason. They believe that in a world of noteworthy celebs, Julia doesn’t have to be named so many times – they’d like to see someone else get a turn. On the contrary though, she is a stunner and without a doubt making the list 5 years (count them) so someone must think she deserves it! Here’s my opinion, many people who seemingly do not appear as our own vision of beauty are in fact beautiful people to someone – perhaps Julia has made her position with the individuals over at People Magazine and she just stuck, her personality and grace is something unarguably consistent through the years and it outweighs that of newbies just entering the entertainment industry. Think your teenage crush who has now matured into a saggy old gym bag, he’s still hot in your opinion no matter how old he gets right?

Still swoon worthy and gorgeous as ever – point proven.

Julia is simply that, a crush that lives on even as she ages…not to say she doesn’t in fact look hella hotter over the years, but you get my point. She’s an idol, a statue of perfection in the eyes of hollywood and to many regular people too – let’s just accept it and move on.

Why can’t we all just get along? Beautiful or not in your opinion, this lady is on FIRE!

What do you think? Should People Magazine have chosen someone else to grace the list?

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