Before You Microblade – Try This!




Ok, ladies I have a secret…

For the past month I have been free of eyebrow penciling and I didn’t give into the microblading craze. How you ask? Wunderbrow! I first heard about this product online while searching for alternatives to eyebrow tattooing or microblading and came across millions of reviews (some good, some bad). Since I was overly fed up with constantly filling in my dissapearing brows I thought I would give it a try.

After ordering on Amazon, I received my package within 2 days and immediately went to the bathroom to give it a try. FYI I ordered the brown/black and it is pretty light.


Admittedly, I was not good at the application process of it at first, because the Wunderbrow comes with a nailpolish type brush,but some of the reviews had mentioned using a different brush -so I gave it another try using a smaller brow brush of my own. Voila! It worked – I had my eyebrows filled and pretty much lookin like my old penciled ones in no time. The trick is to add as little product as possible and build up from there as the cream dries. Once dried and set I put this stuff to the test, washed my face, slept and woke up with still perfect brows!

Now, weeks later I am happy to report that I only have to fill my brows every 3-4 days for a touch up and to be honest, this is good enough for me! No more sweat induced eyebrow removal or ‘don’t wet my face’ at the beach occurrences.

If you are thinking of doing something more permanent, you may wanna give this a try first. I love it!


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