Why This Tory Burch Ad Was Removed From Social Media

It is apparent that in the world of fashion, many fashion brands have touched upon cultural celebration and appropriation both with success and not very successfully throughout the past few years. Leave it to social media to make it very well known when the brand showcases something that may seem ‘racist’ – without a doubt with every good intention in mind. Tory Burch’s latest campaign “#ToryStory: An American Roadtrip” featured Poppy Delevingne and other Caucasian models singing and dancing to the popular song “Juju On That Beat’ and boy did they get in trouble for it! Some individuals took this campaign as an example of ‘whitewashing’ and racism because if it’s association with the music contrasting the cultural backgrounds of the women showcased.

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The brand was quick to reply with a very thought out apology and by Wednesday evening the clip was taken down and completely disappeared from their social accounts.

“The video was intended to celebrate music that we love with our spring collection,” Tory Burch said in a statement. “It was never meant to be insensitive in any way. We have removed the video from our channels. I personally feel very badly if this hurt anyone and I am truly sorry.”
Seems the disconnection between the soundtrack and the casting caused enough stir to have it removed and to leave a lasting impression with many.  Perhaps a diversity of casting would have eased this mishap  – insensitive and a huge failure in the thought process associated with a world-renowned brand.
Do you think Tory Burch should have thought this out better? Or is the world a little too touchy when it comes to cultural subjects? Weigh in below.

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