The Knee Boot Fashion Flop – When Plus Sized Is NOT The Average Woman



I assume there are women out there who have stopped and looked at the gorgeous plus sized models and thought “but they have great legs”….if you are a woman with larger calves, maybe you can relate to this.


Winter is almost upon us and every single year I find myself looking for a cute pair knee boots, rain boots or whatever to keep my legs warm and look stylish for the upcoming colder weather. Every year I am disappointed by the lack of variety on the market for girls with larger calves who aren’t ‘plus sized’. While my body is considered hourglass and petite by the standard charts posted on Pinterest, I have large calves and do not fit in any fashion category.

Sure, having the plus-sized options readily available to the general average society of women is great, what happens to those who are in between – like me. Purchasing regular boots is impossible with a standard 13 inch calf circumference, while the boots intended for the plus market aims at a 19inch calf circumference and geared to women usually with a larger foot size also. Where does a size 7 foot with a 15 inch calf fit in? Two options, either adding elastic to the ‘regular’ fit boots or taking in the larger fitting boots – both options leave you spending far too much and wasting time too.

Being a standard size 6 means I can just about shop anywhere with the exception that I have a little junk in the trunk and impossibly large calves that will never fit into a slim jean fit. My sister and I often complain about our body types, because she has the total opposite body to mine – she has thin legs, and a larger tummy while I have thicker legs with a tiny tummy area. Truth is, she can always wear a baggy shirt with cool jeans and get away with shopping at retailers of any sort.

I know what you are thinking, spandex right? WRONG – even with that option, the calves end up feeling like sausages and to go up a size or two means baggy waistline – BOO! Trying to find the bottom half of the body to fit the top is far harder – and crop tops and joggers just don’t look right on a mother of two (in my opinion) and dresses are often baggy in the middle. To look at me you’d never assume that this would be a problem at all, but imagine having to constantly search for the perfect jeans or boots without ever succeeding – sucks.


Yes, Ashley Graham and Olivia Campbell are inspiring women to look up to when considering their anorexic successors, they still maintain the average body type that supports gorgeous legs and larger tummy’s opposite of my body type. Makes me wonder where Kim Kardashian would shop if she wasn’t so famous…I mean that backside with those tiny legs and tummy, how would anyone find jeans?

Perhaps we are years or even decades away from the evolution of fashion for the average woman, but it sure would be nice to walk into a store and purchase something without hesitation.

Do you have larger legs/calves, do you wish your body type would be taken into consideration in the fashion industry or does it not bother you at all? Weigh in below.


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