Simple Mother’s Day Planter DIY

Let’s face it, birthdays are for elaborate gifts and mother’s day is for the thoughtful and sometimes cheesy gifts our kids put a lot of time into and we cherish them forever. By the time you reach my age you run out of ideas to get your mom something truly special and you start to make up plans to give gifts from the grand children she will equally love – just because it’s from them. This year my sister and I made my mom the most adorable (and practical) planter for Easter from the grandchildren and I thought what a great idea it would be for a mother’s day present as well.

Best part? It’s simple and easy to make one of these super-cute planters! So easy that even your children could make it no matter their age.

What You Will Need:

  • -Modge Podge
  • -Elmers School Glue Stick
  • -Clay Planter
  • – Plant of Choice
  • -Printed Photos

The process is super simple! Just print the photos in black and white on regular paper, cut them out and arrange! Paste them with a school glue stick and cover with Modge Podge! Let dry over night and voila! A gorgeous keepsake for the garden or home!

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