Review: 1 Week With The Infiniti JX35

When I was asked to review the Infiniti JX35, I jumped at the chance!! Just look at this Crossover!When I first drove the Infiniti JX35, I was surprised to see how smoothly it actually drives….a little too smooth at first. I am used to pressing on the gas to accelerate and breaking often takes a while to come to a complete stop. NOT with this car! Breaking is fast and efficient, and accelerating is soft and smooth! While driving this car for a week, I felt as if the whole ‘driving’ experience was relaxed instead of my usual frantic driving in my own car. You will fall in love with this cars performance!

With a growing family it is always nice to have the extra maneuverability with seating and storage. I always find it difficult to ‘pack it all in’ in a stationary car where the seats do not move. The customization is definitely a bonus.The exterior is sleek, beautiful and has an overall ‘expensive look to it.’ I really loved the overall outer look, especially the chrome accents! I think this car appeals to both males and females equally. The interior was also GORGEOUS! Comfortable, sleek and simple. Initially I was overwhelmed with the dashboard, but the control panel makes it easy to adjust to quickly.

This vehicle is very large, that means it can accommodate 7 passengers comfortably. I love how the back seats can be laid flat for storage.  The one handed easy access in the middle row is also a great perk to this car. I loved how the car-seats can stay in tow while folding the seat forward to allow the back passengers entry. Another great feature for any parent is the extra large storage compartment on the dash board and center console! Great for ‘hiding’ things that you don’t want your children to get their hands

Okay, I am going to be completely honest when I say….whoah! This Crossover has EVERYTHING!! The safety features are too many to list! Air bags, breaking system and adaptive headlights are all impressive features of the Infiniti JX35! Fully-equipped with anything your heart desires in terms of safety and usability. I especially loved the heated wind shield wipers that are rain sensitive. Another feature that Infiniti has thought of to make driving safer and simple.My kids did not want to give this car up! They wanted to live in this car forever! Each time we went for a drive (even a long drive) they sat quietly and comfortably. I personally loved the drivers seat adjust-ability. I usually find driving uncomfortable because of the seating…not in this car! Everything has been thought of perfectly. Height, distance to the wheel and even back pressure is all in accommodation in the Infiniti JX35. Did I mention, the seats have climate control in the passenger and drivers side? As well as separate climate settings for the back passengers! LOVE! No more complaining, ‘I’m too hot’ ‘I’m too cold’!!

Just take a look at this GORGEOUS dash board!
I think all the features of the Infiniti JX35 are way above average in terms of comfort, safety and security. They have thought of EVERYTHING in this car! I especially loved the Intelligent Key System because it made being a mother so much easier! When having a toddler in tow and another child to look after, this feature made both my hands free to hold onto my children. I love that I did not have to fumble in my purse to look for my keys upon car entry or exiting. The back up Collision Intervention was also a HUGE bonus! In a car this large, it is not always easy to see things behind you (especially when the car is packed with 7 people). Infinity JX35 has made backing out of a parking spot or driveway a little safer by bringing the car to a complete stop for a second if it detects an object or person within the range if your foot is not on the brake pedal. NOW THAT’S TECHNOLOGY!Here is some more fantastic news….this AMAZING Crossover is now PTPA Approved!! How’s that for a family car?

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