My New BFF – The bObi Classic!




Disclosure: I have received a bObi Classic for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinions – as always, all opinions on are my own.

Meet my newest BFF – The adorably functional, and exceptionally gifted bObi Classic by bObi Sweep! Can you tell how excited I am to tell you all about this tiny miracle? Get ready, get set and be prepared to potentially hit the ‘buy’ button by the time you finish reading this post.

When I was first introduced to the bObi Sweep, I was a little apprehensive about the price point and the idea of it actually doing what it says it can do in the description – as I have learned time and again, looks are almost always deceiving. What I mean is that this adorably tiny little machine is actually a beast in disguise, and the ability that I once questioned has now been proven time and again. Yes, it may appear a little costly, but in comparison to it’s counterparts, the price point is on par for what it does!

The beginning of our beautiful relationship… 


bObi Sweep appeared on my doorstep a lot sooner than expected (Bonus) in a beautiful package that in retrospect would now appear as tiny in comparison to the strength and ability I’d find inside it.  When I opened it up (couldn’t wait) I noticed a bunch of pieces, a user manual, a remote control and the ever so gorgeous bObi herself! Assembly was easy – BUT I was so sad to see that I had to wait for her to be fully charged before use 🙁  Onto the charger she went…


The very next day, I got my BFF to work! Made sure I spilled crumbs on the floor, dropped tiny pieces of stuff on the carpet, the floor and pretty much everywhere I could. Set my bObi to ‘Go’ and off she went! The problem with this setting was that I was watching her the entire time and really getting frustrated with the fact that she does not go in sequence across the floor plane instead, bObi  ueses advanced movement algorithms to cover the most ground. bObi cruises across rooms, trails along walls and edges, and extends her diameter until all debris is done and dusted. Her movement is random to me, but after letting her do her ‘thing’ I can safely say that it works- every particle was picked up.

Need a smaller job done? The ‘waffle’ setting targets a dense spill area. bObi traces a grid pattern on the spill zone to treat it with special attention – I especially love this one and use it primarily under my sink area in the kitchen after dinner clean up. To go the extra mile, bObi’s UV light kills floor bacteria while her built-in HEPA filter traps harmful airborne particles too!

If your bObi runs out of battery, the ‘juice’ function will allow it to find its way home to the connector base and get more of what it needs. No batteries, and no worries for ever running out of charging time! Now all I have to do is make sure that plugs (she ate one of ours), and items that could potentially cause a problem are not in the way of our little bObi and let her do her job. I can now confidently leave the house knowing that my little helper is doing her job to make a mama’s life easier and less stressful so that I can have that little bit of time with my kiddos and family instead.

Whoever said housework was hard, hasn’t met my BFF bObi! Even my kiddos love using the remote functions – they think she’s a remote controlled car and argue over who will clean up the dinner mess! Yest another BONUS win for this mama!

After using bObi for the past few weeks I can confidently say that our relationship is a beautiful one. For a busy mama of 2 with a small dog in the home too, it has been a lifesaver. I simply set it to go on a timer for self start, and come home to a clean house every afternoon before the kids come home from school – lifesaver! In fact, I haven’t pulled out my central vac very often either! I used to use the central vac everyday (sometimes twice) and now have limited it to 1x per week or less.

If you are looking to make a new friend, look no further than investing in a bObi Sweep! You will not be sorry! To purchase, visit their website bObi Classic or purchase on at a lower price point.

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