Jessica Simpson’s Daughter In The Spotlight – For What Exactly?

Every year my family dresses up as a unit for Halloween – we pick a theme and follow it out as best as we can to become the characters realistically, or as realistic as possible. From face makeup, to costumes, whatever it takes to become that person for the night – even if it means using a lil hair paint to do the trick.

Seems Jessica Simpson is now the target of social bashing for doing just that, for tinting her daughters hair for the purpose of portraying Belle in her Halloween costume. The family photo was shared so much with wrong intentions and ‘bad parenting’ written all over it since last night. What gets me most is that no one called out Jessica’s husband Eric Johnson – because I guess he’s not responsible for this decision either right?

Come on people! We live in a world where women and men should be close to equal, where dressing up for Halloween should be fun and where dying a child’s hair should be at the discretion of her parents. SHOULD – but it just isn’t and the truth is, no matter what a celebrity does, it always ends in a wrongful situation.

I urge you to step back, look at the whole picture then ask yourselves….does the appearance of another person’s child matter to you really, shouldn’t her smile be of more worth than the fact that her hair may or may not be dyed? Your call…but I think she’s cute and HAPPY nonetheless.

Willie, Waylon, Belle and Cowboy Ace #Halloween2017

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