Is Ed Westwick Guilty Or Being Used?

It seems that rape allegations are popping up everywhere and all over social media in particular. Most recently, actress Krista Cohen has accused Ed Westwick of raping her while she visited his home with her then boyfriend 3 years ago. This accusation in particular has me wondering if this is a cry for real help or if it is just a way of creating some ‘fandom’ for the beautiful actress.

Admittedly, Ed Westwick is the epidome of charm and darkness – something about him just screams sexiness. Could be because I always attribute him to his character Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl or just simply because he oozes sex-appeal. Either way, I really am having a hard time believing Krista’s story. Not to say she doesn’t also share some truth in a possible situation she may have encountered during her run in Hollywood. Three years ago Ed could have had any girl so to speak and was really rocking his game with his social placement – why would he screw that up?

On the other hand why would a newly fresh-faced actress come forward to admit something personally disturbing to the media, putting a target on herself and fellow colleagues?

Perhaps because he played a rapist (beginning of Gossip Girl season 1) he too would have that same character flaw?

Her story seems slightly sketchy too – why would she go up to sleep in his guest bedroom if she had already felt ‘uncomfortable’ with the situation, and where was her boyfriend?  I’m not trying to pin blame on Krista, just seems like there is a huge part of the story missing. Ed was also quick to respond with his Instagram/Twitter and Facebook message that makes a pretty bold statement – something I do not think a guilty person would do on a whim.

Could it be that Krista has been empowered by the recent celebrity allegations to come forward and finally speak of her truth? If that is the case, I am humbled to believe that she will somehow find closure one day. However if this was pre-fabricated I truly feel badly for Ed because his entire career is on the line.

Not sure about all of this, but I am positive that the allegations will not be taken lightly especially considering all of the other producers, actors and famous figures under fire at the moment. Either the story will unfold differently and that big chunk of missing info will prove Ed Westwick guilty or Krista Cohen is simply in it for a little extra press.



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