Holiday Boredom Busting With Netflix!

Just a few more days until your children will be home for the Holidays and that means the constant nagging, arguing and ‘mommy I’m bored’ sentences will be uttered daily. Perhaps not for the first few days as Christmas will keep them entertained however, for sure right after the novelty of toys and sugar rushes come to an end….that means almost an entire week of this. Any mama (or daddy) would be at their wits end without a solution.

That’s where I come in…well Netflix actually.

Netflix has made vacation days easy for children and parents alike with their recent introduction of downloads on the go (yes that’s right) and their recent addition of Dreamworks Trollhunters!

Download Movies To Experience OFF LINE! 

Watch a huge library of Movies and shows while on the go or traveling with the Netflix download option. Download in a few seconds to watch for hours! Those long car rides to visit family in remote areas just got easier!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • On the Netflix app, make sure to select the show or movie you want to watch.
  • Look for the “download” icon accompanied by an arrow pointed down.
  • Tap the download button and wait for a ‘download complete’ popup.
  • When you want to watch while you’re offline go to the ‘downloads’ section (left hand corner) and pick from the list to watch!

Happy offline streaming! **Remember to download while online to watch later offline**

Netflix now has an entire “Available for Download” section on its app so you can specifically browse only the content that can be watched without an Internet connection since not ALL the shows and movies are currently available.

Trollhunters For The WIN!

Need something new to watch with the kids, and don’t have time to waste waiting for the weekly upload? As of Dec 23rd DreamWorks Trollhunters will be available to watch an entire 13 hours of limitless imagination!

Still bored?

Check out this super-cool recipe for Hard Rock Candy and you will be the coolest parents around – betcha they’ll still be talking about this recipe even after school resumes again!


Disclaimer: All opinions as always are my own, I was provided with Netflix swag in exchange for my honest opinion.

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