Go Ahead and Gift Yourself Generously This Holiday Season! #HolidayHappy

Have you been running around endlessly trying to fit in those special gifts for the people in your life who deserve it? -Finding that must-have toy or that special little something for your significant other that screams I love you and I appreciate you for all that you do? I have been shopping since the beginning of October and quite frankly, now that I am almost done, I can honestly say that shopping for everyone on my gigantic list kind of sucks in a way…
Every year during the holidays, I sit back and watch as those little faces open their most wanted parcels with anticipation and every single year I say that I should do something for ‘me’ but I never actually get around to it.
This year will be different.
I mean, I love to give generously to the people I care for and I especially enjoy seeing their faces when they open their special gifts, but all of that running around to find those gifts prior really takes a toll on me – makes me feel a little left out of the big picture. Being an adult sometimes means not getting those little perks we once did as children and when we do receive something, it’t is usually something for the house or to be consumed (ok chocolate isn’t so bad)., Boy, do I miss those firework evoking, shout- out- loud gifts that I used to love opening at Christmas throughout my childhood.
Good news! Sometimes adults need a little something to get excited about too….

Koodo Mobile is making it easy to give yourself a gift that that the whole you will love this holiday season, with awesome deals on phones with a bonus gift (you deserve it), great plans and a bunch of bonus data too! The best part is that phones start at $0 – that’s right- zero dollars with a Koodo Tab, so you won’t have to break the bank to indulge in a little perk for yourself that will last ALL year long.!

Que the fireworks, let the excitement begin!
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You know what that means, don’t you?
When you choose Koodo, you’ll get shock-Free data that is pulsed when you hit your personal limit. No more nasty fees and you can add on more whenever you want – go ahead and surf the net without worry, now that is what I call the perfect personal gift – don’t you?


…because you deserve it! Make everyone’s dreams come true and remember to take a little extra time on for YOU this Holiday Season. and Give YOURSELF a gift that YOU will love. Plus a shiny new phone always looks good paired with that New Years eve ensemble you were eying…just sayin!
Need a little self-gifting inspiration- click here for some holiday me-time, PLUS a chance to WIN big!

Disclaimer: This post has been generously sponsored by Koodo Mobile, the opinions and language are my own.

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