Full Mobile Coverage While Living In The ‘Burbs’ -TELUS Rocks! {Giveaway}

I was first introduced to TELUS mobile when I was a teenager, I remember buying into the brand because of its fresh appearance, snazzy ads and really good prices. Who would have known that after years of service with other mobile networks I would become a TELUS customer once again – just under different terms. Now somewhat grown-up I stand on the other side of the fence when I say that the most important thing to me when it comes to cell phone usage is the ability to stay connected. To be honest, this was not an issue until I moved further out of the city limits and into my now very rural town.

When we moved here 2 years ago, our other service provider just didn’t cut it when it came to providing the best coverage at all times – we had dropped calls, un answered messages and many times we were stuck in town or on the side of the road with zero to no reception. After much digging and a lot of thought, we turned to Canada’s largest and fastest network -TELUS. Who would have thought that after all of these years I would become a TELUS customer once again because quite simply, they rock.

With Canada’s best customer service, in addition to perfect reception and comparable prices – switching to TELUS was a smooth and easy decision. The reality is that even though we have moved to a very distant area from friends and family, we still need the connection to them and having that shouldn’t be a burden. My dependence on a mobile device has become so certain that I have actually listed my mobile number as primary contact for the kids school because I can be reached without a doubt on it at all times – that’s comfort for a mama.

Want to know the coverage in your area? Check out this map HERE.

Enjoy being on Canada’s largest 4G network, reaching 99% of the population from coast to coast. With amazing coverage and fast, reliable service, you can stay connected across the country.


Wait! Even better news! Enter for YOUR chance to WIN a iPhone 5s with TELUS and experience total coverage for yourself! 

Open To Canadian Residents Only**


iPhone 5s Giveaway!

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24 Thoughts to “Full Mobile Coverage While Living In The ‘Burbs’ -TELUS Rocks! {Giveaway}”

  1. Reliable service would be the most important aspect for me! (I say “would” because I don’t have a cell phone, but I’m looking to dump our land line and get an iPhone.)

  2. The most important thing for me is reliability! Like you, I live in a rural (Ontario) area and since we use VOIP for our home phone, I often find that I’m without home phone coverage. I’m pleased to report that Telus is in our area. Off to check out what plans they offer that would be a fit for us.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  3. Treen Goodwin

    The most important thing to me is service price and getting the best package for my money… Telus is the best by far for price and service in my area !

  4. Lynda Cook

    Having enough data, and having a good and strong signal

  5. Kam

    Having the ability to stay connected with family and friends no matter where you are!

  6. HEIDI C.

    I need a long battery life, plenty of storage space, a great camera and fast speed.

  7. Suzie B

    I need a reliable service that doesn’t have poor reception

  8. Judy Cowan

    Definitely having great coverage!

  9. kathy downey

    The most important thing for me is battery and storage life.

  10. kathy downey

    The most important thing for me is battery life and storage

  11. Treen Goodwin

    Having good service and the best package for my money , we live in the boonies so having a good signal means so much 🙂

  12. Florence Cochrane

    Coverage – unlimited text and unlimited long distance calling.

  13. Doris Humber

    Having a good data plan.

  14. Catherine Robichaud

    The coverage area is extremely important to me as well as free long distance.

  15. kathy downey

    A long battery life is very important to me!

  16. sara rai

    Battery life for sure.

  17. Carole D

    Great reception is the most important for me!

  18. kathy downey

    unlimited long distance calling is very important to me !

  19. kathy downey

    With kids away unlimited long distance is a must.

  20. kathy downey

    Great coverage is so important!

  21. kathy downey

    Long battery life is very important to me

  22. Doris Humber

    The most important is reliable service.

  23. Carole D

    The most important aspect of a mobile service in my opinion is Dependable!

  24. A. Gibbs

    Price and coverage is most important

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