Caryl Baker True Northern Gift Set #LilGiftList

Bring the great Canadian winter to your face! This palette was inspired by all things beautiful that the holidays bring with it! Shimmery, luminous and natural with a pop of jewel toned color! I have been wearing these gorgeous shades for the past week and I seriously love them! So fresh and clean!

Caryl Baker’s limited edition, True North Beauty Holiday 2016 Collection is versatile and easily individualized to define and spotlight anyone’s signature attributes. Hit your next holiday party with a timeless look this season or give the gift of warmth to someone special. Why not enter for your chance to win this set for a friend, or enter for your self so you can sparkle!

NEW Limited Edition Caryl Baker TRUE NORTH BEAUTY Holiday 2016 Collection is available from November
21 to December 25, 2016 at Caryl Baker Visage Face Spas, Ontario, Alberta and at


*Open To Canadian Residents Only*

True Northern Gift Set by Carly Baker Just in time for the Holidays! Includes: GLOW PALETTE – $46,  EYESHADOW – $18 (x2),  LIP LACQUER – $24, LIPSTICK – $18.50.

Caryl Baker True North Beauty #LilGiftList Giveaway!

Disclosure: Compensation and/or product was received by from Caryl Baker in lieu of this post – as always this post review and giveaway reflects my own personal opinion about the True North Beauty Line.

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20 Thoughts to “Caryl Baker True Northern Gift Set #LilGiftList”

  1. joy

    no, I don’t wear daily… only when I am in the mood!


    my make up routine, moisturizer and foundation with sunscreen, mascara and lipstick

  3. Lynda Cook

    I do not wear daily, but like to glam up when going out

  4. michelle tremblett

    I wear make up most days, but usually pretty light, just lipstick and mascara, Unless I am going out for the night then I do a full face 🙂

  5. Brenda Penton

    Not everyday, but most days. I love makeup.

  6. nicolthepickle

    Not every day, but a few times a week. I love to get all dolled up.

  7. Christina D

    No, I only wear makeup when I go out. If I am just going to the grocery store I don’t put much on.

  8. angela m

    No I do not wear makeup daily

  9. Shirley S

    I wear makeup most days. I like to get all glammed up!

  10. Baiely Dexter

    I am a northern. LOL with our cold harsh winter weather I always start my day of with moisturizer and then foundation and all the rest !

  11. Jolie

    I wear makeup daily and feel naked without it.

  12. Sarah Jackson

    I dont wear make up daily , I might if I could make it all happen quicker

  13. Rhonda W G.

    I do have make-up free days where I do a face mask etc. and just be. However, I love to wear make-up and do most of the time.

  14. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I dont wear makeup daily – depends on how much time I have to get ready

  15. MaryG

    I use a bob cream, a little concealing, bronzer, mascara and a tinted lip butter most days.

  16. Leslie Crosbie

    I used to but not anymore! Although I do want to start focusing on myself a little more!

  17. Heidi c.

    I only really wear make up for special occasions.

  18. Caryn Coates

    I wear makeup everyday most days unless I am sick or just not up to doing it

  19. Carol M

    No I don’t wear makeup daily, but will when I go out on the town.

  20. Valerie Mallette

    No, I don’t. I wear it at least 3 or more times a week.

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