Calming The Storm: Getting Siblings To Agree

Like most families, raising children who are very close in age can have its challenges. My children are 2 years apart and up until this point, we have been able to agree on most things….that was until my oldest (9) became a raging Mr Bossy Pants and my youngest (7) decided that whining all day makes for melody that would make anyone cringe. Most mornings are spent arguing over what to wear, how to wear it, whether or not breakfast is good enough to eat, whining and screaming – all while rushing out the door like a family of crazies!

To be honest, the week is bearable most of the time because these moments mostly happen in the am when we are frantically getting the children to school because the evenings are pretty short and consumed by homework, dinner and baths (thank God for bedtime). For my family, staying sane on weekends is the biggest challenge. Having these two boys at home and amicable with each other almost never happens.

I know one day this very part of our lives will soon pass…but until then we have decided that the only way to keep some sort of calm in the storm of our lives is to sit down and watch a movie. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Getting the kids to agree on a movie too can be a task in itself, but Netflix has made it a little simpler to cater to children who are both ‘sugar and spice such as mine are, in fact they have created a whole genre for it! Check it out here:

Includes titles such as:


Since we know getting a collective answer can be easier said than done, Netflix has created an iconic fortune teller to help your
family decide what to watch next. Even better, you can create your own using the blank template here.

         HOW TO PLAY:
  1. Pick a colour on the top four flaps and spell out the letters (e.g. B-L-U-E) while alternating a pinching and pulling motion with the teller to reveal a set of four numbers.
  2. Pick a number and move the fortune teller the corresponding number of times, revealing a second set of four numbers.
  3. Choose a genre and open the flap to reveal what’s up next on Netflix!


Disclosure: I am a Netflix Canada #StreamTeam member. Special perks are obtained however opinions are always honest and my own.

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