Birthday Gifting Made Easy! Poppit Packs Have Arrived!




So your child was invited to a birthday, and naturally you have NO idea what to get him or her because in today’s society technology rules. Let’s face it, you can’t buy the kid an iPad so what do you do? Search endlessly for something that you will not have to return later on, or in my case settle for a gift card (how boring). I hate being that parent that sends a gift card with their child at birthday parties, because the joy of opening an actual present is in fact the part that I love. Currently my boys, aged 7 and 9 are easily sold on the idea of little figures and trinkets when it comes to play – but which ones to get for a friend when there are a zillion on the market?

Seems every time a birthday invite comes we are left with gift cards…blah!

Kids will always be kids, always looking for innovation and imaginative ideas, that’s why the lost art of play is not necessarily lost in my opinion. It is up to parents to introduce options to their children when it comes to being creative and engaging with the idea of imagination. The very reason I love when a fun new idea comes to the market – like Poppit activities! Children get to make a miniature world that looks super realistic, and completely created by them- how cool!

Create mini cakes, cook accessories, cute puppies and all sorts of small stuff! There are several themes to choose – Mini Designer Handbags, Mini Puppies, Mini Cupcakes or Shopkins.  The Poppit Shopkins Activity Pack allows you to pop out all your favourite Shopkin Ballet Collection characters. Birthday party solution solved! Innovation, non technology based, gender neutral and FUN for all ages!

Your kids will love that they make quite a few tiny figures in each set. Just create, decorate and set to dry for a few hours and you will have your very own personalized tiny figure!


The best part? They are affordable too!!!

  • Starter Theme Packs (SRP $19.99)
  • Theme Refill Packs (SRP $14.99)
  • Shopkins Collection (SRP $24.99)
  • Pop ‘n’ Display Baker (SRP $39.99)
  • Clay Pack ($9.99)
    Available in a variety of stores, Toys R Us, Walmart, Sears, London Drugs, Michael’s, Home Hardware, The Bay, Red Apple, The North West Company, TRUServ and

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**Prize May not be exactly as shown – open to Canadian Residents Only**


Poppit Starter Pack

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest opinions – all opinions on are as always my own. 

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4 Thoughts to “Birthday Gifting Made Easy! Poppit Packs Have Arrived!”

  1. angela m

    We usually gift toys or books.

  2. Julie bolduc

    We usually do gift card to toys are us

  3. Books, lego kits, shopkins, art or craft kits. Whatever my kids want, we get for their friend.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  4. Caryn Coates

    We usually gift toys, books, sometimes clothing

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