Kicking Off Summer – From Thick To Thin!

_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ I’ve been serious about getting fit for a while now, tried almost everything to maintain and tighten up floppy muscles but I never intended on getting excited about it. That is until I was introduced to the Fitbit Charge HR, the perfect companion for people like me. Slightly lazy, very competitive and sometimes excuse filled people like me. What’s worse about people like me, is people like me who vacation….can we say LAZIEST!?? So, here’s the challenge I was set up with from my friends at Telus: To…

Ultimate Guide To Summer Stains!

_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Summer is full of all kinds of messy, don’t fret! Here is a handy little list of ultimate solutions! Your guide to Summer stains is easier than you think, just memorize, pin or even print for a clean and simple Summer enjoyed by all!