North, Saint, Welcome CHICAGO! Why Kim and Kanye’s Name Choices Are Valid

If you’ve been living under a rock the last 24 hours, then you’ve probably missed a HUGE announcement! Kim and Kanye have had their third child via surrogate Monday. A little girl who is no doubt cute as a button, weighing 7 lbs. 6 oz – the family is growing! Apparently, Kim was in the delivery room during the birth, and is doing a lot of skin to skin bonding with the little one.

The couple already has 4-year-old North, and 2-year-old Saint and are no strangers to the unique name pool in Hollywood so would we expect anything less than one for their third child?

The world seems to think the name is ridiculous, and too far fetched to be considered ‘normal.’ In my opinion, what they fail to realise that the current queen of glam and king of eclectic actually needed to name their child something that would be talked about. A name that deserves her own hashtag, that will not be duplicated without reference to the original ‘Chicago’ and quite simply a name that screams royalty – because quite simply that’s what this little girl will become.

Besides, little Chicago will be playing with other children who also possess different names to set them apart anyhow. Imagine they had named her something common like ‘Maya’ and how many little girls would come running when they called out for her. In the wonderful world of Hollywood – your name is your identity, different is good and will most likely bring you a successful future.

All the media and talk around her name has already made her mark in history and I think that’s exactly the intention of both Kim and Kanye, and they did it with ease too. Simple marketing, advertising, fame and fortune with a campaign that was no doubt well thought out and perfectly executed.

Well done Kim and Kanye – you’ve once again proved you are genius’ to the world who thinks you are fools.

Happy Holidays

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