Under Fire: Victoria Beckham Kisses 5yr Old On The LIPS!




When the internet takes something so innocent and makes it something totally not worth my time, I get angry. Take this adorable photo posted by Victoria Beckham of her daughter smooching her mama for example.



Like most internet obsessed parents, Beckham shared her daughter’s 5th birthday on Instagram, alongside the caption: “Happy birthday baby girl. We all love you so much. Kisses from mummy.”

In my family almost everyone kisses on the lips, without hesitation or the thought that perhaps our children will be targets for pedophile old grandpas or grandmas….gimme a break.  After the post a lot of articles followed asking if a parent kissing a child on the lips was “controversial” with a slew of negative comments left on Beckham’s page. So why do we find this super offensive, or controversial?

Perhaps in today’s day and age, everything is brought into question. Especially if you are a celebrity. Sexualizing a kiss between mother and daughter, simply makes YOU the problem, not Victoria in my opinion.

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