Building Memories One Brick At A Time #StreamTeam

Let’s face it, toys will come and go but Lego will forever be a part of the memories and building of tiny little inspired souls until the end of time. As a child, Lego was a huge part of my playtime, I can still remember spending endless hours building and imagining far off places while in my own little Lego world. It’s no wonder that one of the first toy purchases I made for my children was also a Lego set – large ones at first and now teeny tiny little ones that I occasionally vacuum up – shhhhh!

This month, Netflix Canada has expanded it’s list of family-favorite television shows and movies to include super-hero Lego characters as well as city workers, elves and friends! There is something for everyone on your family must- watch list! The best part about watching these action-packed flicks is the ability to expand beyond the television and make memories while building in real life too.

Mamas and papas, children and friends take yourselves on a journey of fun, excitement, and family-building and check out this list for Lego-riffic creativity and excitement!

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