Summer Is Here – Why Is Mommy Happy?




While parents are cringing at the fact that they will have their children home for a whole 2 months without a break, I am relishing in the fact that I have my two little men home with me for the entire SUMMER! Don’t get me wrong, they are not perfect and most days start with loud obnoxious sounds, arguing and crack of dawn wake ups but I will take these annoyances any day as opposed to the frantic shuffle of a school morning. School mornings are filled with anxiety, spilled milk and my least favorite moment of all – seeing the children off for hours while I keep busy with ‘mommy duties.’ Yes, I am that mom, the mom that fills her days with craft ideas, pinterest surfing and waiting for the munchkins to return home and create the crazy chaos of our lives.

Here’s where most mommies differ from me.

I cannot speak for all mothers when I say this, but I have an inclination that most will agree that children are always loved but not always wanted. The mommies that I usually come in contact with yearn for the days their children are at school in hopes for a tiny break in the chaos, I too can appreciate that. But let’s face it, parenting is a job afterall right? Would we ever just put off work for something less important? What’s less important than your family right? For me, even if the world is spinning away from its axis and is overwhelming most days, I think that one day this feeling will leave me…then I will wish for these times…these tiny moments of craziness. So what does a mama like me do? We make lists, we squeeze every aspect of the glorious summer into a packed calendar filled with good intentions.


Yes, we work all year trying to be the perfect parent, but do we ever actually work for our children when we are not trying to keep afloat of the everyday tasks? Mamas, I know what you are saying…our parents never payed attention to us and we turned out just fine and unprivileged like these kids today, but do you ever remember your parents giving you undivided attention, that feeling you got…that’s the feeling, the connection that makes a parent and child united.

Summertime is our time to shine, our time to show those reflections of our beings what we created them for – love, affection and nourishment, undivided by the school day hustle and they may just surprise you too.

Now, I’m not saying you have to be a nut-job like I am and plan your days with every activity under the sun…but just take some time this summer to appreciate that you have your child(ren) for undivided amounts of time – time you can never get back. Whether you are a stay at home parent or a working parent, we can all use a little family time once and a while.

So, from the moment I pick up those two tiny faces, we are full steam ahead. Tears, screams, hair-pulling and (sometimes) happy times ahead. SUMMER is here! Let’s do this!

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