Summer Clothing Haul With Giant Tiger – Just In Time For My Birthday! #ShareTheSecret




As some of you may know, I recently moved to a remote neighborhood with literally 1 grocery store in our town and a few little shops, for a person who loves to shop – this was torture! That is until someone told me that we have Giant Tiger stores located 15 minutes away from my home in 3 locations – all 3 only 15 minutes away from me!! To be completely honest, the first time I really shopped at the yellow Tiger was when I moved here and let me tell you, I now visit one of the three locations almost weekly. Affordable prices for all my families needs, from groceries to clothing, and even home decor – I have fallen in love!

When I was presented with the opportunity to shop for myself and update my Summer wardrobe I jumped at the chance! Often times as parents, we tend to neglect out own needs with those of other tiny beings. My kiddos are often dressed way better than I am and now possess a closet double the size of mine too – this time shopping was all for MAMA! Perfect timing too! My birthday is in a couple of days, so it made the visit extra special – although my husband has asked that this spree replace my actual birthday gift….hummm…isn’t it mandatory that he purchase a gift too? LOL

A Canadian-owned discount retailer with their new women’s wear brands too! My favorite, Lily Morgan™, for the dressy/casual attire, MyStyle™ looks that take you anywhere on a budget and ACX Active™ for the adventurous type. I mean, where else can you get trendy clothing on the cheap while out shopping for the rest of your families needs? Did I mention that they get new items EVERY WEEK? Now that’s my kinda shop!

Giant Tiger stores are always super-organized too – makes finding that perfect item easy! Below are a few photos I took while browsing the store…beware, they may have you heading to the nearest location!

Before you head out, you have to take a look at all the cute outfits I will be rocking this Summer. I have a complete wardrobe of trendy styles on the cheap and this mama is super-excited to share them with you! Remember each piece shown below cost under the $20 mark – WHAT??? Yes, that’s right! Crazy! The outfits I have put together all range from $30- 40 dollars, so next time the kids spill something on me or my husband accidentaly shrinks an item of clothing I won’t be stressing about it. Chic simple, and affordable outfits for every occasion!

There you have it, I have shared my fashion secret with you and I just know you will love shopping here – did I mention you can shop online too? Yup! Shop from home and get your items delivered to the nearest location for pick up at

The generous people at Giant Tiger wanna send you on a shopping spree too! Enter for your chance to #WIN a $100 gift card and get Summer ready! 

**Open to Canadian Residents Only**

La maison

#ShareTheSecret Giant Tiger $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

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40 Thoughts to “Summer Clothing Haul With Giant Tiger – Just In Time For My Birthday! #ShareTheSecret”

  1. ivy pluchinsky

    I would buy myself some clothing

  2. joy

    a dress and some shoes, maybe some left over for my daughter – she loves clothes!

  3. Melinda

    I would buy a dress or two and some summer essentials such as suntan lotion/sunglasses!

  4. Elaine G

    I would get some clothes. Tshirts and jeans or carpis.

  5. Judy Cowan

    Some new shorts & tank tops for summer.

  6. MaryG

    I’d stock up on baby items cause we are expecting this summer 🙂

  7. Cheryl

    I would buy new summer clothes 🙂

  8. Baiely Dexter

    I would love to pick up summer clothes for my grandson & just clothes for the new grandbaby girl!

  9. kristen visser

    I would purchase clothes for my daughters. They both are in need of some things. My oldest could use some more tees and my youngest more bottoms

  10. Florence C

    I would purchase some dresses for my granddaugher.

  11. Amie

    New clothes and shoes !

  12. Debbie S.

    I would purchase some solar lights for our yard and some shorts and summer tops for hubby and myself, and some swimwear for the grandchildren.

  13. Tricia Cooper

    I would treat myself to some summer PJs, shorts and tops!

  14. Andrea Amy

    I would get some capris for myself. They look like they have a great plus sized selection.


    I would purchase some shorts and tank tios

  16. Cheryl

    New clothes for me!

  17. Michelle B

    I would buy my daughter a few dresses.

  18. I would certainly purchase new clothes for my new job career that I just started and a whole new wardrobe is in shopping GTBoutique

  19. Belinda McNabb

    I would get a maxi dress and sandals to go with it. I love their clothes!

  20. Juliee Fitze

    I would buy some shoes for the grandkids.

  21. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I would get a few dresses for work

  22. Josh S

    I would buy some groceries.

  23. Erika Letson

    I would buy my kids some badly needed summer clothes. Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Every year I get a few pairs of their flats so I’d start with that. I love their tshirts and light weight long sleeves as well. And, I’d round it out with a bag of milk!

    Love GT!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  25. Nancy J Montgomery

    I would buy summer slacks, shorts and tops.

  26. Jennifer C

    I would but some new summer clothing. Maxi Dresses and Capris. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Marlene J

    Tshirts, jeans, sandals, dress, hat, sunglasses

  28. Rhonda W G.

    I would stock up on some groceries…Love Giant Tiger for that!

  29. Aimee Robison

    I would buy some new clothes. Thank you for the chance.

  30. Dianne G.

    I would buy a couple of the summer dresses, the maxi sun dress and some of the canvas slip on shoes from Giant Tiger.

  31. Laurie P

    I need some new bbq accessories and some big beach towels!

  32. Melinda Jana

    I would get some new summer dresses and snacks + water for road trips

  33. Kim Stenner

    I would buy snack, cleaning supplies and a new chair for outdoors.

  34. angelam

    I would pick up some new shorts and sandals for my daughters.

  35. Krista M

    I love the sundresses at Giant Tiger so I would buy those along with some nice short sleeve blouses for work!

  36. sabina Edwards

    I just bought a ton of things that were marked down for both Emily (8yrs old) and Dylan (8weeks old) and so much of it was $1!! I also love how they have coupgon app that you can use instore …I picked up a huge camper carpet (plus it came with an indoor runner as well for only $30) I tend to go nuts in that store…omg have you seen their bakeware? Tons of times I’ve gone in there and its priced $3, and the 8×11 pan has a plastic cover to keep your cake etc fresh

  37. Carol M

    I would buy some new shorts and tops.

  38. I love the selection and prices of the cute sundresses and sandals so I would be shopping for those and probably be able to get my daughter something adorable for the summer also !

  39. new shorts new pants sandles my son needs shorts and we would get some stuff for the bbq

  40. Valerie Mallette

    I would purchase new summer tops and some groceries.

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