Sticking to Bedtime Routines During Summer Break

Yes, I am THAT Parent.

The parent who puts their children to bed on time (most nights) even during the summer months. In our household the Summer doesn’t mean a free ticket to stay up late and do whatever you want whenever you want, it simply means better weather, more fun and more time spent with family. The only way I have found to keep the best of spirits when it comes to our children is by sticking to a solid sleep routine. Don’t get me wrong, I do admire those who skimp out on the ‘rules’ come summer, but I just can’t be ‘that’ person when it comes to my kiddos, here’s why:

My kids are BRATS without a solid bedtime routine

I mean most kids are brats anyhow, especially in the eyes of their parents but mine take the cake as soon as their routine is just a little off track. My youngest starts spinning in circles 5 minutes past 8pm hits, literally. Then come morning, they DO NOT sleep in if their routine is off they just simply wake up at the same time anyhow – why wouldn’t I put them to bed on time? Unless there is an event that runs later than usual, they will be snuggled into bed when they need to be.

Mama Needs It

As a mom to two very active boys and a wife to a husband who is almost non-existent because of his job, I personally need a little time to play catch up on household chores, writing, and some ‘me’ time too. When my personal schedule gets off track, I feel bombarded and that causes a cranky mama and my household would fall to pieces if I didn’t take the time to organize it.

Long Days

Thanks to the need to constantly stimulate our children, our days are filled with pinterest worthy actives, meals made for Kings and lifestyles of chaos – which means super long (and tiring) days. Who wouldn’t wanna place all of their energy into spending time with their kids while the can anyhow – every second awake should be spent with them. As soon as September hits, memories made will be limited to the time we actually get together – and that’s not much. To be completely honest, in the summer months by 8pm I am ready to hit the sack, I can imagine how tiny bodies feel.

Brain Power

Everybody knows that a good-night’s sleep means the ability to function better and since the childhood years are the learning years, having a solid sleep means better brain function. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that children ages five to 12 get 10-11 hours of sleep a night and let’s face it in the Summer months that’s hard without getting to sleep on time.

Overall, better sleep on time for my family is what ‘works’ for us, it is what keeps calm to the chaos, what keeps mama smiling, and kiddos happy and ready to embark on a new day.


Does your family stay up past normal bedtime hours come summer?






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