Personalize Your Spring Wardrobe With Slogans!

Since we now know that Spring is around the corner  – thanks to Warton Willy’s groundhog prediction (6 weeks!!!) It’s time to start thinking of our closets post coat season. Seems that the fashion industry is super-excited about taking those bulky parkas off and showing off our personalities with slogan tee’s! Slogan tees are popping up everywhere – actually just about anything with a slogan, logo or musicial figure pretty much sums up Spring fashion trends this year. Look for anything that showcases your personality and duplicated it with fun, looks like we are headed back to 2nd grade for this fashion trend inspiration.

Thinking of trying some of this Spring’s hottest looks? How about these for some inspiration…I personally love the sequenced shirt for a night out on the town or paired with some vintage jeans! Check them out:


Bubble T-shirt with frills from Zara Canada

$17.90 CAD


Nike Tights from Urban Outfitters

$45.00 CAD


LIVE Sequence Shirt from Mango Canada

$59.99 CAD

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