Our Horrifyingly Beautiful World.

I am a mama that worries…A LOT.

I worry that my children will go out into this world that is not safe anymore, I worry about how they will adapt to a harsh reality that is today. I worry that they will be too ‘soft’ to mesh well with others, and I worry that they will never ever get to see all the beauty that truly is around them.

Reality sucks.

In light of the past events that have happened both last week and yesterday’s bombings, restoring faith in humanity is really hard–especially when you are a protective mother. Nothing will ever cover the fear that I feel in my heart for my little angels, but I know that without compassion and love, we as a society will never evolve to something safe.

My children taught me something yesterday.

World events are horrible–yes. But what’s worse is dwelling on the negative instead of watching every beautiful act that is happening right around us. Children see fun and beauty in such simple things, and I think it is about time we (I) start thinking the same way too.

Be thankful for what you have in the moment, never forget what has happened, and move forth with a little compassion–the world will see it!

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