My Husbands Art of Persuasion Actually Worked On Me – Or So He Thinks

Binge watching in this house is almost always done alone. My kids stream their favourites and sometimes they match mine so we sit and watch occasionally on a Friday night, but my husband almost never watches with us. Our schedules and busy lifestyle never seem to correspond with one another so we each watch on our own devices and even have our Netflix accounts dedicated for ourselves. Hubby watches late night in bed on his tablet or phone, while I watch on the ipad once the kids are asleep folding laundry or streaming a little while on the toilet, making lunches etc ….shhhh it’s the only way to fit in an entire season of Narcos in 3 days!

Ever since hubs has been home Sundays and Mondays things have changed a little around here. He has officially taken over the Television on those days – yes we can still stream on other devices, but somehow watching a larger screen sucks people in! Rouge One: A Star Wars Story – how boring right? That’s what I thought until I started to recall all the Star Wars we watched growing up, and how much my kids are now enjoying it too. Galaxies far far away are no longer boring, but exciting after a few minutes into the movie….and since when did DIEGO LUNA appear?? Hooked!!

Don’t tell hubby but I mostly watched for Diego Luna in action, but that counts for bonus points right?

Need a little help in the persuasion department? here’s a list on how to convince your kids, significant other and parents to watch Rouge One, guaranteed to get them watching too!

If these tried and tested ideas don’t work just do what my husband did and turn on the television multiple times until someone gives in and watches – no doubt Diego, ummm I mean Rouge One will suck them in 😉


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