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Truth be told I am a helicopter mom in all aspects of the word – I would watch my children every second of every day if I could. But the truth is, sometimes in life things come up like field trips, play dates and simple park play that can keep our children out of direct reach. This year in particular, my oldest had a class overnight field trip and I held him back because of the simple reason that communication was not allowed. Had he had smart watch like the Monkey Jabber GPS Kid Tracker I may have re-thought the idea of sending him on the trip.

Peace of mind for parents in my opinion is everything.

Monkey Jabber is a GPS Kid tracker smart wristwatch that provides easy to use communication between parents and their kids. It was developed for ages five to twelve, kids who are old enough to use (and love!) a tech device, but young enough to not yet be on the family’s cell phone plan. Kids can communicate freely with their parents’ smartphones, and their parents can relax knowing that not only will an alarm notify them when the child is moving too far away from their comfort zone, but they can simply ‘radio’ them at any time. There’s also an SOS alarm in case the child experiences any kind of emergency.

Best part is that it works everywhere too – no more searching for wifi or a signal! You can chat with your child, locate them on a map, send messages and even group chat! It’s no wonder it was created by a parent himself – only a person with children would know that children need independence at times but parents need to keep their sanity too!

** Note** Winner of this contest will recieve their prize in late Spring with the launch of this new product**

Monkey Jabber GPS Watch Giveaway!

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