Hot, Sweaty and LOUD! Moggies Earmuffs To The Rescue! & Promo Code!

It’s no secret that I have a mental love affair with Lenny Kravitz…ok, maybe a physical one too. So, when the chance to see him live (again) I didn’t think twice about purchasing tickets for the whole family to attend. You see, I never leave my kids with anyone and my husband and I believe that they should be allowed to attend anything we do. One BIG problem though, I didn’t think about the sound volume before hitting that purchase button on my computer screen.

Enter Moggies Earmuffs to the rescue!

Not only were my kids excited to be coming to a real-life adult concert, but they were super happy to be sporting special duds on their tiny ears too!

Moggies offers you the best hearing protection for kids.  Children are much more 
likely to want to wear earmuffs instead of earplugs, which tend to fall out anyway 
and are uncomfortable.
Moggies Earmuffs have been independently tested for noise reduction capability.  The resulting NRR rating is 20.  That means that Moggies Earmuffs reduce noise 
by an average of 20 dB.

The one thing that I really loved as a mother, was that the kids were able to still hear the music with the earmuffs on. They seemed perfectly comfortable and didn’t really notice that they were wearing them for an almost 4 hour show! The earmuffs are easily adjusted, and compact enough to throw into your bag while on the go. I would highly recommend this product for any child who is frightened of loud noises, for weddings, concerts, monster car shows and even for highly sensitive children who suffer from SPD. The only con I have is that I wish I had heard of them sooner.

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