A Look Through His Eyes.


Ever sit and wonder what goes on behind your child’s eyes? I mean, ever try to visualize the world that surrounds you through their simple, inquisitive nature that is life?



I had a vision, and it’s beautiful.

While walking Cookie to school the other day, he became intrigued by the ‘wishes’ that covered his school lawn. He’s seen them before, but today was different. The sky was dark and the clouds set off a cool color to the earth below, and cookie giggled as we walked. He was giggling so hard that I had to ask why….

“It’s amazing” he said.
“What is?”
“The school lawn is covered with purple wishes”…
I thought for a moment then replied. “Purple?”

Finally it clicked in, Cookie is color blind and with the darkness of the sky and the soft whitish-grey of the dandelions he saw that entire field covered in purple!

Imagine that? All I could think of was how amazing it would be to see what he saw…and for a moment I lived it through his giggles! I still smile thinking about how beautiful that day must have seemed to him.

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