Get Comfy Cozy With A Giant Tiger Movie Night! #LilGiftList

We are a few weeks away from the big celebration of Christmas, and the hustle and bustle is about to begin (if it hasn’t already started). All I can think about is getting cozy and sitting around a big ol’ tree while watching holiday movies and sipping on hot chocolate – but sadly a night like this takes a little planning for it to actually happen.

Since Giant Tiger is Canada’s comfy cozy Christmas store, it makes for a one stop shop to make that perfect movie night take place without the fuss! Stores are stocked with affordable, on-trend home and family fashions, brand name groceries for that holiday party and everyday necessities at low prices! From cozy Christmas nights to holiday gifting – they have it all!

 They are also complementing their Comfy Cozy Christmas with an exciting contest where each week one lucky customer will have a chance to win the grand prize of $2000 in Giant Tiger Gift Cards. The contest ends Dec 24th so hurry up and get those entries in!

Holiday cuddles are the perfect way to spend a quiet evening at home before the big Christmas day festivities and Giant Tiger knows just how to make you relax and unwind this season! They have put together a wonderful gift bag of everything you need to enjoy a memorable movie night. This time you won’t have to go out at all, just crack open this package and you will be on your way to that perfect night.

Enter for your chance to WIN a Holiday Comfy Cozy bundle from Giant Tiger! 

*Open to Residents of Canada Only


Get Comfy Cozy With A Giant Tiger Movie Night! #LilGiftList


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20 Thoughts to “Get Comfy Cozy With A Giant Tiger Movie Night! #LilGiftList”

  1. Joni w

    I love Giant Tiger. What an awesome store

  2. Yes, I always try and take time for myself. I volunteer at our local foodbank and it really helps me recharge for the week. I love it!

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  3. Kelly young

    No I am battling cancer and am a single mom with two children gat are sick so me time is very rare

  4. ivy pluchinsky

    I always take time to relax and unwind, with a good book or netflix.

  5. MaryG

    I have 6 kids…if I can take a shower uninterrupted I consider that time to myself lol

  6. Andrea Amy

    With 5 kids, not a lot of time to myself especially once they have no school. While they are still in school I make sure to get some time during the day for hot baths and some netflix time .

  7. Sarah Jackson

    I try to take a lil time for me once in a while ..20 min a day is good for mental health

  8. I will unwind this holiday season by reading a good book
    or by watching some awesome movies on Netflix.

  9. Carol McCann

    My family always to take time to relax and unwind, with a good book or netflix.


  10. josephine evans

    I took vacation over the holidays and will be spending it with family relaxing.

  11. Heidi c.

    My hubby and I both work, we have four children and 6 pets and family that lives out of town so there isn’t much time for relaxation through the holidays

  12. angela m

    I will unwind this Holiday season by watching Christmas movies.

  13. Cheryl MacPhail

    I usually crash once everyone is back to work and school!! No rest and relaxation for a mom of 3!!

  14. Jonnie

    I take time to myself late at night after everyone is in bed. I have trouble sleeping so it’s the perfect time to enjoy the quiet house alone.

  15. nicolthepickle

    I do usually have time for a hot coffee or so in the evening.

  16. Debbie S.

    I do, when I can. sometimes throws sometimes life throws some curve ball like the past three months. But every night I have a nice bubble bath. It’s my time and I look so forward to it.

  17. Krista M

    I will watch Netflix, read some books, & have some wine this holiday season to relax!

  18. Caryn Coates

    I try to when I can. I have 6 children so at times it can be hard to get away

  19. Carol M

    Yes, will be watching some movies and reading books.

  20. Carole Dube

    I always take time to relax and unwind, with a good book.

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