Edible Sand Dessert Your Kids (And You) Will Love!

Let’s face it, sometimes dessert is necessary…ok for some of us it is always necessary! lol

Every year, in the summer we have made a traditional dessert in our home called ‘edible sand.’ Basically it consists of cookie crumbs and Philadelphia cream cheese and usually eaten in a plastic bucket, but for the purposes of this post I we did not have many cookie options nor clean new buckets to eat from so we substituted with a plain bowl and Dad’s Original Oatmeal cookies. I personally love this dessert because it is easy, and a great way to get the kids involved…not to mention a really easy dessert for a beach party or summer event too!

Here’s what you need:
-Cookies: any type will do, just make sure they are brown/black in colour and have a harder consistency.
-A blender
-Original Philadelphia cream cheese: haven’t tried other flavors, but I am sure they will be equally as yummy!

Directions per 1 serving:
-Place 2 cookies in a blender and blend well
-Take 1 tbs of Philidelphia cream cheese and place in bowl.
-Cover cream cheese with cookie crumbs, mix and enjoy!

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