Children Banned from School for Distracting Hairstyles–My Personal Connection…

Who would have thought that the amount of publicity and controversy surrounding hairstyles would be such a big topic in todays day and age. I am writing with response to the latest story about the Kindergarten boy who was suspended because of his mini-Mohawk. Take a look at this adorable 6 year old boy who was suspended from KINDERGARTEN because his hair was a ‘distraction’ to students. Does that mean Maddox Jolie-Pitt should be banned from the covers of millions of news stands?Isn’t everything distracting for a bunch of 6 year old children? I mean, if a child showed up to school wearing a sparkly necklace or something, wouldn’t the entire class want to look at it?

This topic hits home personally to me, simply because my son started school with dreadlocks. At first, I have to admit many parents had a problem with his (adorable) hair, but his classmates did not know any different…until their parents infringed their opinions on him. I have to say, children in general are accepting of differences, however it seems that as adults we place so many biases on things like hairstyle. Would a 5 or 6 year old actually be ‘distracted’ or prejudiced to another child if he/she had different hair without the notion placed in their mind from their parents? Probably not.

Seems that the world has evolved to a place where we are actually backtracking….sad.We need to stop the hatred, personal bias’ and start loving and embracing differences in our society. Hair is not going to hurt anyone, but war and negativity will.

What do you think? Was the school ‘going too far’?

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