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There’s a new craze and it is taking over the households of mothers, sisters, friends, aunts and girlfriends everywhere! Charmed Aroma candles will have you wanting more. With a variety of amazing scents (seriously), these candles are the gift that just keeps giving – with every candle you will receive a special ring surprise worth between $10 and $5,000! Think Kinder Surprise for adults.

Created with a high quality soy wax blend made from North American farmers, each individual candle is hand poured to perfection. Soy wax gives a longer burning time and cleaner feel, than the traditional candle – more bang for your buck and less toxic fumes!

So, how does it work?


Step 1:
Burn the candle until the foil appears. Blow out the flame and grab a pair of tweezers.
Step 2: 
Grab the foil with a pair of tweezers.
Step 3: 
Unwrap the foil, remove jewelry from plastic pouch, and enjoy!
Here’s what I received in my candle:
charmed1 charmed2


My most favorite part is guessing and estimating how much your piece of jewelry costs, and then using Charmed Aroma’s online ring appraiser to see if you were correct. You never know if you are the lucky person who will receive a ring worth thousands! For the price of $26.99 (sterling is $39.99), you may be sitting on a beautiful gem! Most of the time the rings pan out to be worth more than the price of the candle anyhow – bonus!

My ring was estimated at $150 and is stamped 925 which means it is sliver too!


More info here:

 ***Don’t forget to use the online code “lilsugarmag10” for 10% off too!

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